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Guillaume Speurt from Vilnius, Lithuania, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons



Current Position

My current position is the interim news director at Wyoming Public Radio. I oversee the newsroom and reporters. I work with reporters to get the best sound rich and important stories out to Wyomingites. My resume can tell more of my specific details. 




My Story

I discovered audio in a round about way. I went to UC Davis wanting to become a was all I had talked about for the past couple of years. But then college happened. I was exposed to other possibilities. One of them: joining the news room of the student run radio station on campus, KDVS. I fell in love. 

I explored campus through the recorder and was able to ask people questions in order to get a better understanding of them and their passions. 

Since then I've taken my love for storytelling through the audio medium to France, Poland, NYC, Wyoming and Montana. My passion is to tell the story of humans and how we all connect. I recently read a Robert Koriviches' op-ed on Transom when he retired from his long career in the audio world. He said audio resonates with people more personally than other storytelling medium because it's the first sense that we humans develop. In the womb, we are already listening. 


This sticks with me. No matter what other technology developments we, humans, create, we have always told stories to each other in the simple spoken word.  

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