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The following include previous newscasts for Wyoming Public Radio, Radio Poland, KDVS and Radio Campus Bordeaux.

Whistleblowers: Workplace discrimination and retaliation plague Wyoming National Guard

Wyoming Public Media

Over the last decade the EEOC - the federal authority charged with investigating employer discrimination - has put the Wyoming National Guard on notice three times for workplace hostility, including the mishandling of sexual harassment.

Two Wyoming hospitals cut pregnancy services amid financial struggles exacerbated by pandemic

Wyoming Public Media

In the past couple of weeks, the Memorial Hospital of Carbon County in Rawlins announced they will no longer be providing labor and child delivery services in June. That was the second hospital to make the decision within a month. South Lincoln Hospital District in Kemmerer also cut those services.

Since The Pandemic, Wyoming Veteran Uses Telemedicine To Treat PTSD

Morning Edition, NPR

Telehealth, where people interact with health care professionals over the video, has long been just over the horizon in rural America. Now, the pandemic has accelerated its adoption and use.

A Small Wyoming Town Has Attracted Families Looking For In-Person Special Education

All Things Considered, NPR 

The switch to online learning during the pandemic has been especially hard for students with learning challenges. So much so that some parents are willing to move to a different state so their child can receive special education services in person. 

The Midwife 

The Modern West

Most births are uncomplicated. So in rural areas where hospitals are shutting down, women want to give birth at home. Now, states across the country are legalizing and regulating midwifery so they can. This is the story of one rural state, one midwife, and one brand-new mama.

Polish-American Innovation Week

Radio Poland 

In November 2014 collaborators from Silicon Valley, USA, the Polish Embassy and Polish Entrepreneurs met in San Francisco, Ca to work on Polish-American innovation relationship. 





Take Back Our Tuition 



Near the end of October 2014, the President of the University of California Regents announced planned tuition raises in a 5-year block. University of California, Davis students protested in the beginning of November.







Radio Poland 


As 2014 came closer to the end, Russia's advances in Ukraine raised many questions in Poland about their safety. One day in September, I went out on the streets in Warsaw and asked whether they believed NATO should up the security in Poland. 






Last Episode of Jet Lag on What the Fac

Radio Campus Bordeaux 


Jet Lag, a mini-series produced by me for the weekly program What the Fac discussed cultural and stereotypical differences between France and the United States. In this episode, I discuss the sports phenomenon. 

Spoken in French.

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