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New museum honors Poles who helped Jews

Originally aired on Radio Poland, English Section, 3/9

Click here to listen!

The museum is the first of its kind and is symbolically dedicated to the Polish Ulma family, who were shot for sheltering Jews.

The aim of the museum is to educate and remind Poles and foreigners of the heroic acts by Poles during World War II.

“The importance of this event is because those people were forgotten by the state during the communist times,” said Wojciech Kolarski, the Undersecretary of State.

“And right now, a free Poland and independent Poland wants to remind that among Poles there were thousands of those who served others, although Germans wanted everyone who wanted to help Jews, to be killed.”

March 17th is the official opening of the museum, which is located in the south eastern Podkarpackie region of Poland in the village of Morkowa. The official opening ceremony will be available to watch live in 18 Polish diplomatic and cultural institutions abroad, within four continents and 14 countries.

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