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The Intelligent House Fair in Warsaw

Originally aired on Radio Poland, English Section 10/6

Click here to listen!

As technology develops so does the desire of human beings to acquire technology that can make their lives easier.

With the recent fourth edition of the Intelligent House fair in Warsaw we took a look at the impact of intelligent houses and the increasing market in Poland.

Jung, a German company, is one of the companies involved in the area in Poland.

Intelligent houses create a self-regulation mechanism allowing your house to be the perfect living environment for your individual needs.

“We have plenty of competition,” said Damian Fituch, the Director of Intelhouse and representative of Jung Poland.

“Poles are build[ing] more and more houses.

“Poland wants to be on top of the economy in Europe.

“If you look at Warsaw, you see so many buildings grow up....It is a good time to build.”

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