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Polish refugee concerns + the Baltic Group

Originally aired on Radio Poland, English Section 11/18

Click here to listen!

The Institute of Public Affairs conducted the public survey “Baltic Group: Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. In search of common interest.”

Public opinion in the four states have very similar international politics, specifically regarding the Eastern Region, indicating the positive bilateral relations between the countries.

Thus, coalitions can [and should] be built between the four states concluded Dr. Agnieszka Łada, The Head of the European Programme and Senior Analyst at the Institute of Public Affairs.

Yet, Łada explains differences are apparent concerning Russia, immigrants and refugees.

“They [Baltic Group] are also not so keen on having Ukrainian migrants and it was surprising,” said Łada. “Of course they are much more for Ukraine’s as for the [Middle-Eastern} migrants but still they are not as optimistic as one may suspect.”

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