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Almost a fifth of SEZ investments are Polish

Originally aired on Radio Poland, 12/28

Click here to listen!

To be exact, 17 percent of investors in the Special Economic Zones are by Polish bussineses.

In Poland there are 14 such zones which are in separate regions of the country. They allow foreign and domestic companies to enjoy tax privileges and activities on preferential terms. Yet, the special economic zones are criticised on producing unfair competition in Poland. The benefits outlined by the zones will last 10 more years.

“Foreign investors were only attracted to these sectors after the introduction of the Special Economic zones,” said Iwona Chojnowska-Haponik, from the Polish Agency for Information and Foreign Investment.

“Now these rich sectors account not only for the exception of taxes but are zones greatly prepared with huge amounts of technological infrastructure. In addition, they make it easier to introduce a business to a region. So an incoming company can start functioning quickly as well as have tax exemptions.”

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