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Q&A: National Program for the Development of a Low-carbon economy

Originally aired on 1/12

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Greenhouse Gas emissions account for 85 per cent of Poland's energy sector even with positive efforts leading to nearly a 30 per cent decrease in emissions in the past two decades. The department of innoviation and industry of the Ministry of Development introduces a national program with the aim to introduce a low-carbon economy.

Carbon mitigation is not a new issue for Poland. The country ratified the Kyoto Protocol and hosted the December 2008 round of international climate negotiations. Yet among positive efforts, 85 percent of Greenhouse Gas emission still comes from the energy sector and more than 90 percent of electricity comes from coal-fired power plants.

Within the past two decades, emissions overall in Poland have decreased by nearly 30 percent, but emissions from the transport sector have grown by about three-quarters. Poland still overwhelmingly relies the most on coal, contributing to the high energy intensity of production in the country. Thus rightfully so, Poles are concerned that a move toward a lower emission economy will increase electricity prices and in turn undermine welfare and profitability.

The department of innovation and industry of the Ministry of Development has drawn a national program for the development of a low carbon economy. The program outlines in detail how to create a low emission economy while ensuring a sustainable growth of the country. Experts believe the implementation of the program will contribute positively to economic growth in medium and long term.

Objectives of the program include improving the efficiency of material management, development of sustainable production, and promotion of sustainable consumption patterns.

Radio Poland's Kamila Kudelska spoke with Zbigniew Kamieński, the deputy director of the department of innovation and industry about the workings of the national program for the development of a low carbon economy.


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