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Make in India

Originally aired on 1/26

Click here to listen!

Make in India, a new initiative by the Indian government to promote a favorable economic image of the subcontinent also hopes to increase the business collaboration between Poland and India.

Two years ago Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power in India. With his new position, the prime minister is working to support entrepreneurs and innovators and promote a favorable image of the country globally.

His plans to reform the country by encouraging global companies to shift production to the subcontinent have become known under the slogan "Make in India". Within this slogan, the Polish-Indian business relationship is becoming more attractive and stronger.

“India is a country which needs the know-how, the technology, and of course the products also,” said J.J. Singh, the President of the Indo-Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

“This is the best thing for Polish companies which are still having the problems, in a sense, in only supplying to Europe that they can do a joint-venture in India and produce in India and make it there.”


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