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Croatian-Polish Economic Forum

Originally aired on Radio Poland, 1/29

Click here to listen!

During the second day of the Croatian head of state's visit to Poland, the presidents of Poland and Croatia endorsed the business relations between the two countries at an economic seminar. It aimed to strengthen the existing bilateral relations.

Over 50 Croatian businesses accompanied the President of Croatia on her official visit to Poland. The year 2015 marked an impressive growth of Polish exports to Croatia as it increased by 40 per cent from 2014.

“I think that this is really fantastic thing with Croatia because it’s [a] so small country, 5 million people there, but so big when we think about the potential from the business point of view, from the culture point of view,” said Aleksandra Ogrodnik of the Polish company Marc Kolor.

“I am really looking forward to cooperate with them [for] a long, long time.”


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