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Wroclaw: European Capital of Culture 2016

Originally aired 1/4

Click here to listen!

With the New Year ringing in, Wroclaw becomes a European Capital of Culture with hopes of more recognition and economic benefits.

Since 1985, cities have been picked annually for the prestigious status, and in 2016 Wroclaw in south west Poland shares the honour with San Sebastian, Spain.

Over 1000 events in various fields of art will be held in tribute to the history and culture of Wroclaw, Poland, and Europe.

“All of these events are designed to explore the history of the city, where the city is coming from, where it’s going,” said Christopher Baldwin, the curator of performance.

“And what does it really mean to be a thriving city at the beginning of the 21st century in an uncertain Europe.”

Kamila Kudelska reports.


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