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Poland advances in the Index of Economic Freedom

Originally aired on Radio Poland, 2/2

Click here to listen!

Poland has moved up to 39th place globally in the latest Index of Economic Freedom report, its best result so far and up from 42nd place last year.

This year Poland is ranked before Spain and Belgium in the Central and Eastern European region. The country scored 69.3 points out of 100, 5.2 points better than last year. The report rates countries in four areas: the rule of law, limited government, regulatory efficiency and open market.

2016 marked a year of progress in the open market and regulatory efficiency but still needs to work on the two other areas to be upgraded to “free economic status”.

“We need to change first of all the labor code make it more flexible for both employees and employers and we should cut taxation from labour,” said Marcin Nowacki, an economist at the Polish Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers.

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