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Dubai Future Museum will open in 2018

Originally aired on Radio Poland, 2/10.

Click here to listen!

Wednesday is the last day of the 2016 World Government Summit’s Museum of the Future exhibit in Dubai. Radio Poland was among the first to visit the museum.

Since the founding of the annual World Government Summit, it has been accompanied by a Museum of the Future exhibit. The exhibits aim to provide innovative perspectives on the world’s most pressing questions regarding the future governments but until now, the Museum of the Future was only accessible to world leaders and VIPs of the World Government Summits.

On December 18, 2018, the Museum of the Future will become a permanent feature so the public can join in the conversation. Kamila Kudelska reports.

“It’s not just about a building because what we created was a foundation,” said Dr. Noah Raford, the Chief Operating Officer at the Museum of the Future Foundation.

“And a foundation has several responsibilities.”

“One of which is to create inspiring content with the world leading researchers and communication specialties about how the future might be and what we should be doing about it as government leaders, as business people, as citizens.”

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