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Day in the Life : : An American makes Polish Wine

Originally aired on Radio Poland, English Section, 2/22.

Click here to listen!

Photo: Civello

Mike Whitney is an American, born and raised on the United States West Coast wine country of California and Seattle. He studied English and business in an American University. He is born to a family in the wine business.

So why is an American in Poland and why did he decide to start a vineyard?

Soon after Mr. Whitney finished his studies, he was invited to lecture at the Technical University of Wroclaw and decided to stay in the country. After a couple of years of working, Mr. Whitney thought it would be the opportunity of his lifetime to start the first, class winery in Poland. That was 10 years ago and now the Adoria Vineyard is just a couple miles away from the southwestern city of Wroclaw.

Introduced by Kamila Kudelska

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