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Polish president snubbed by US?

Originally aired on Radio Poland, English Section, 3/29

Click here to listen!

Experts are trying to read between the lines on the significance of President Barack Obama not meeting with President Andrzej Duda.

President Andrzej Duda is in the US capital for a three day visit which includes the 4th Nuclear Security Summit.

Some Polish media outlets have expressed concern that a meeting between President Duda and President Obama should take place.

Wess Mitchell, the President of the Center for European Policy Analysis, says the lack of meeting should not be taken out of context.

“I would also say that the context of this meeting with so many heads of states and so little time this week, [isn’t] hugely significant, ” he said.

However, Jedrzej Bielecki of the daily Rzeczpospolita believes this is another example of the Polish government misunderstanding the inner workings of Washington.

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