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Q&A :: Advancement of women in professional environment

Originally aired on Radio Poland, English Section, 3/30

Click here to listen or here to watch the interview.

The European Professional Women's Network is an international organization collaborating together to further advance careers of women. 25 European countries partake in the not-for-profit global organization, including Poland.

Women in Poland are still being discriminated in the work force due to their gender. The European Professional Women's Network Warsaw focuses on promoting and advancing visibility of women on management and supervisory boards and in media.

Five years ago, Jowita Bukowińska created the Polish branch of the global organization in order to address problems in Poland.

Ms. Bukowińska, now the president of the European Professional Women's Network Warsaw, tells Radio Poland's Kamila Kudelska the importance of focusing on helping women advance independently, without special circumstances.

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